Luke Dahlin


I design solutions to help businesses
increase engagement and connect
with their audience.

Role: Brand Identity, Strategy, and Product Design.

Nice Butte Postcards came from a park ranger's love for analog photography and nature. As a natural next step she decided to start Nice Butte Postcards.

Each postcard is an image of a park that has been captured on 35mm film. The back of the card displays her logo and web address, as well as "Hey, that's a nice butte." Included in the envelope with the postcards are some stickers with the saying "Hey, that's a nice butte" and "" in different colorways.

Nice Butte Postcards went to Indiegogo and raised 158% of the goal amount to help fund the initial print run of the cards. She also went on to donate 10% of the initial campaign and 5% of total sales towards the park funds of those specific cards.

Title: Creative Services Manager | 2017
Responsibilities: Product Design, Online Marketing, User Experience, Service Design, Web Design, Print Layout, Photography, Retouching.

Larson Brothers Photography is a California Central Valley school photography company that has been in business for over 25 years.

Larson Brothers begain their transition to ecommerce in 2016. I was moved to assist in the transition in 2017 and since then there has been a 20% increase of revenue and greatly decreased call volume.